What Are Glamstraps?
They are decorative bra straps that can be attached to multi-way bras and bras with detachable straps. They add finesse to any outfit and designs range from subtle straps that can be worn with casual outfits to the more bling designs for nights out.

Glamstraps make it possible to wear a bra with outfits that reveal bare shoulders and allow ladies requiring larger cup sizes to wear outfits that they never imagined possible to wear.

How do I wear my Glamstraps?

Take your multi-way/detachable strap bra and remove the straps. Take your Glamstraps and attach them to the bra using the fastening loops (where the original straps were previously attached).

Adjust the length of the straps to give a comfortable fit over your shoulders by clipping the lobster claw clasps into the chain extension at the back. The loop of spare chain will hang down inside your bra back section out of sight. Wear the bra as you would normally and be prepared to be complimented.

Please note some of the straps can also be worn crossing over at the back, i.e. one strap would join the right hand side back loop to the left hand side front loop and vice versa.

Which kind of Bra is suitable for wearing a pair of Glamstraps with?

We suggest that you only wear a bra that is designed to give support even when worn strapless since, although the straps will give some support, they are not designed purely to be supportive. They will not be as supportive as a normal material bra strap. With this thought in mind we would NOT suggest converting a normal bra into a strapless bra with loops and then attaching your favourite Glamstraps since this may make them more prone to being damaged.

What outfits can I wear the straps with?

The list is endless but some suggestions are:
1) Off the shoulder tops
2) Strapless tops
3) Halter neck tops
4) Strappy tops
5) Strappy dresses
6) Formal dresses
7) Bikinis / Swimming costumes.

WARNING: We do not advise wearing the straps in water since swimming pool or sea water could damage them.

How do I clean my Glamstraps?

Your Glamstraps are easily cleaned with a damp cloth and then be left to thoroughly air dry.

Badly soiled Glamstraps can be cleaned using a mild soap (or detergent) and water solution. Rinse with clean water, dry off and shine crystals or simulated gemstones with a soft cloth. Never use abrasive cleaning solutions.

Will sweat affect the metalic coatings on my Glamstraps?

If your straps come into contact with sweat, always wash gently with water and mild detergent and wipe dry with a soft cloth. This will help prevent tarnishing that may develop as a reaction to the salt in perspiration.

If you are in any doubt contact us for advice at
We cannot accept responsibility for any deterioration due to user neglect. By following these easy tips your Glamstraps can last many years, and continue to look as good as the day you first bought them.

Any Other uestions?

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